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Social Media

Yongsan Baptist Church maintains an active social media presence. The goals of this social media presence is to:

  1. Help people to have a personal relationship with God
  2. Help people to grow in their spiritual walk
  3. Help people find the church
  4. Help people find out more information about the church
  5. Help members stay informed about the activities of the church.


We maintain both a private group, limited to church members and a public facebook page. We also live stream our services via our Facebook page.

Link to social media: facebook site


All of our services are recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Social Media: You Tube link

Korean Sunday School:


Wednesday Night Services:


Sunday Morning and Afternoon Services:


Sunday Morning and Afternoon Services (Older sermons):



Yongsan Baptist Church podcasts are available on a number of podcasting sites. For more information on where these podcasts are available and to listen, please click below.

Social Media: Podcasts

If you have concerns or questions regarding our social media presence, please contact us.