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Tract Outreach

Yongsan Baptist Church believes that the primary mission of the church is to glorify God. This is done through an active soul – winning and tract outreach program. Many have claimed that the usefulness of tracts is over; however, we have seen great results by being faithful to distribute God’s Word to those around us.

Tract Outreach

Every Saturday morning at 11am we meet at the church for a time of prayer before breaking up into small groups to distribute tracts around Seoul.

There is also a group that meets every Sunday afternoon at 1:30 to distribute tracts before the afternoon service.

Soul – Winning

As important as it is to distribute tracts, tract distribution does not take the place of one on one personal evangelism. Yongsan Baptist Church is in the process of beginning a Soul – Winning program called Soul Winners Academy. This program is designed to teach everyone how to effectively share their faith with those around them. It utilizes a low confrontational approach offering a series of Bible studies. These studies are designed to take a person from no knowledge of the Bible to a saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

For more information on our tract distribution and Soul – Winning ministry, please contact us.